A mental and physical reset are discovered through the meticulous processes of design and soothing repetition. An anti-hustle movement encourages slowing down, and thus, spacing out and doing nothing become a new luxury. Quiet meditative moments in art and design have a calming, restorative impact. Order and balance are soothing and captivating, rather than being confining and restrictive. Symmetry, precision, and sacred geometry help us find a sense of purpose as we seek solace from being overstimulated.
PANTONE® 12-4108
PANTONE 11-2509
PANTONE 12-0312
PANTONE 19-3812
PANTONE 19-3617
PANTONE 19-1111
A novel update to black and white, conveyed through a contrast of shadow and light

Inviting, darkened shades act as a magnetic vortex

Washed winter pastels lull one into a quiet, meditative state

A versatile palette that appeals to both sophisticated and basic applications
Exploring the surreal aspects of nature. Experimental and at times fantastical elements play on our innate desire to stretch our imaginations. Blurring the boundaries between technology and nature in a harmonious yet aspirational way. Natural environments in the digital realm seem strange yet familiar, inviting us to challenge our preconceptions. Enlivened colors and textures inspire a sense of awe.
PANTONE® 15-0548
PANTONE 11-2509
PANTONE 19-1528
PANTONE 19-3954
PANTONE 18-3522
PANTONE 19-5413
PANTONE 17-3914
PANTONE 17-1563
Viewing nature through a new lens, embracing its untamed side

Abundant natural shades juxtaposed with a bright, synthetic illumination

Intriguing dark forest green and burgundy combine with youthful blue and purple

Hyper-sensory tactile surfaces and experimental textures in fabric
Shattering the belief of certainty, the last few years have taught us that life is perpetually in flux. Constantly feeling as though we are on the precipice of something big, our disillusioned sense of time bestows a sense of freedom. Radical individuality borders on weird, wacky, and eclectic, with an optimistic dose of humor. While seemingly haphazard and disorienting there is an overarching sense of hope.
PANTONE® 19-3528
PANTONE 14-4815
PANTONE 13-0442
PANTONE 19-4008
PANTONE 14-1521
PANTONE 12-0718
PANTONE 19-4523
PANTONE 18-1760
A hodge-podge of color that comes together for an impactful punch

Saturated pastels, vivid and clear, provide an optimistic perspective

A seemingly random array of shades that can be selected for intentional and thoughtful applications

A palette for self-expression, user-friendly shades are geared toward both tonality and contrasting color combinations
An uneven dyeing effect and puckered accent create a youthful approach to corduroy
Natural yarns combine with brown/natural jaspé yarns to highlight a windowpane design in a 100% cotton tuck stitch rib sweater knit (Cotton Incorporated Product Development #FK-1119)
A photorealistic print lends a historical reference to a pair of denim jeans
Streaky texture and subtle color variation create dimension in a men’s striped shirting fabric
A subtle metallic yarn adds a shimmering accent and movement on the surface of a pair of corduroy pants
Alternating stripes of jersey and piqué create textural interest in a single knit jacquard with mercerized yarns (Cotton Incorporated Product Development #SK-2194-4)
Exaggerated texture and winter pastels add a quirky twist to a 100% cotton sweater vest
100% cotton 2x2 right hand twill with windowpane houndstooth pattern mimics the look of a woolen tweed by utilizing 3 ply heather yarns
(Cotton Incorporated Product Development #7440)
Checks and stripes collide for a modern twist on a classic yarn dyed shirting fabric
A reversible track pant shifts from a dazzling gold foil on one side, to earthy tones in a smokey ombré gradient on the other
100% cotton double cloth gauze with thickened yarns creates a quilted appearance
100% cotton pointelle knit with Art Deco inspired shell pattern

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